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Letter to a CIO"Letter to a CIO" reports the discussions between the author of the letter, dr. Domenico Lepore - Founder Intelligent Managemnt Inc. - and several Chief Information Officers, with the aim of providing them with an effective methodology to address and successfully solve common problems that CIOs face in the Digital Age.


Cognitive Diversity AI and the future of work Report compressedPort Cybersecurity. Good practices for cybersecurity in the maritime sector. By ENISA


Cognitive Diversity AI and the future of work Report compressedThe COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the urgent need for customs and all supply chain stakeholders to digitize procedures and apply technology to achieve more efficient connectivity and collaboration.


Cognitive Diversity AI and the future of work Report compressedRecent advances in deep learning enabled the development of AI systems that outperform humans in many tasks and have started to empower scientists and physicians with new tools.


Cognitive Diversity AI and the future of work Report compressedThe Version 1.1 update process began in December 2015 and is a product of significant stakeholder comments and discourse.


5G for dummies5G is a revolution, an evolution, and a reality. Naturally, when a technology like 5G is evolving, carriers and mobile operators face design spin ups to conform to the 3GPP standards.


 Industrial Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a cognitive science to enables human to explore many intelligent ways to model our sensing and reasoning processes. Industrial AI is a systematic discipline to enable engineers to systematically develop and deploy AI algorithms with repeating and consistent successes.

 Report making smart cities cyber secureWays to address distinct risks in an increasingly connected urban future

Cognitive Diversity AI and the future of work Report compressedAI will allow us to do what it is that we are uniquely meant to do: to focus on high-level thinking, strategy and paving the way for innovation.


Internet of Things From Buzzword to Business CaseHow to accurately calculate the ROI of IoT initiatives

Reinventing Cybersec AI Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence

  • Why AI-enabled cybersecurity is increasingly necessary
  • How organizations are benefitting from AI in cybersecurity
  • Where organizations should focus their
  • cybersecurity initiatives
  • Building a roadmap for implementing AI in cybersecurity
Industrial Development Report 2020

Industrializing in the Digital Age



20161215 184531The Guide to Robotic Process Automation
Discover the top benefits, features and use cases of robotic process automation

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