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Brief history of Data Science

Brief history of Data Science

Data Science has revolutionized several different aspects of our world. Let's take a look then to when and where data science comes from.

Expert talk on Smart Cities – Where are we now and where are we going?

Expert talk on Smart Cities – Where are we now and where are we going?

The host of the session is Mirko Ross, of and DigitalWorx in Stuttgart. It is the 3rd cybersecurity talk he has hosted in 2020. The topic today is Cybersecurity and Smart Cities – Where are we now, and where are we going.

How Data Science is Driving Digital Transformation Now

How Data Science is Driving Digital Transformation Now

Index of Contents

  • Introduction: A Clear Digital Vision
  • The Digital Revolution
  • Data Science: Approaches and Solutions
  • Tips to Manage Data Science Projects
  • Summary

How IoT Works

An Overview of the Technology Architecture Internet, things, Internet of things, Internet of Everything!

These are some of the buzzwords you may have been hearing, reading & very likely talking about endlessly.

The key characteristics of blockchain

The key characteristics of blockchain

The key characteristics of blockchain and its relevance to the global markets, both now and in future.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital, decentralised, distributed ledger that provides a way for information to be recorded, shared and maintained by a community. 

Voucher Innovation Manager

La misura Voucher per consulenza in innovazione è l’intervento che, in coerenza con il Piano nazionale “Impresa 4.0”, sostiene i processi di trasformazione tecnologica e digitale delle PMI e delle reti di impresa di tutto il territorio nazionale attraverso l’introduzione in azienda di figure manageriali in grado di implementare le tecnologie abilitanti previste dal Piano Nazionale Impresa 4.0, nonché di ammodernare gli assetti gestionali e organizzativi dell’impresa, compreso l’accesso ai mercati finanziari e dei capitali.

Next Generation Transport Communication System

Public transport is vital to improving our quality of life. It provides mobility, can shape land use and development patterns, generates jobs and enables economic growth.

A well-run transportation system can support public policies around energy use, air quality and carbon emissions. According to UITP (the International Association of Public Transport), investment in public transport generates a return as high as four times the capital outlay.

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Download this file (Next Generation Transport Communication System via @ingliguori.pdf)Next Generation Transport Communication System818 kB245

Adapt or die: How business must adapt to Industry 4.0

Europe’s automotive industry was rocked by some alarming news this week: in the next three years, one of the continent’s iconic car brands is expected to go out of business. That, at least, is the finding of a newly published study of over 300 industry leaders from France, Germany, Italy and the UK.


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Industry 4.0 is closely associated with more automation (compared to the Third Industrial Revolution), bridging the physical and digital worlds enabled by IIoT, Big Data, IoT, cloud computing, cognitive computing and smart factories.

Investing in innovative Industry 4.0 technologies has many advantages. It boosts collaboration between departments, increases efficiency, fuels growth as well as trims costs. Real-time data and intelligence, predictive analytics and IoT machinery helps companies be proactive when it comes to solving and addressing potential supply chain management and maintenance issues. In addition, it makes it easy to optimise and manage all aspects of manufacturing processes and supply chain.




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