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Unlocking the Value of AI in Business Applications with ModelOps

Unlocking the Value of AI in Business Applications with ModelOps

AI is fast becoming critical to business and IT applications and operations. Organizations have been investing in artificial intelligence capabilities for years to stay competitive, are hiring the best data scientist teams and are investing more and more in artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. However, implementing AI / ML models is not easy and the risk of failure is just around the corner. A solid methodology is needed to reduce this risk and enable companies to succeed.

What is ModelOps and what problems does it solve

Unlocking the Value of Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications with ModelOps 1

Shadow AI: the key issue that organizations are going to have to contend with within the coming years

Potential risks for companies that operate without the right ModelOps capabilities in place

How organizations should get started to do ModelOps

Final thoughts



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