Digital Transformation

The Key to Success With AI

The Key to Success With AI

Live Twitter Chat on ‘The Key to Success With AI’! The conversation along with Kingston Cognate industry experts on February 23rd at 2:30 pm GMT.


The Kingstone Cognate Experts

Kingston Technology @KingstonTechBiz 
𝗥𝗼𝗯 𝗠𝗮𝘆 @robmay70
David Clarke @1DavidClarke
Ellie Hurst @Advent_IM_Comms
Sarah Janes @SarahkJanes
Elena Carstoiu @elenacarstoiu
Roland Broch @rolandbroch
Rafael Bloom @rafibloom73
Giuliano Liguori @ingliguori
𝓘𝓪𝓷 𝓜𝓸𝔂𝓼𝓮 @imoyse
Bill Mew @BillMew

The Twitter Chat

Q1. Why are organizations considering adopting or implementing AI?
A1. Every firm, large or small, from any industry sector, should invest in AI. Artificial Intelligence can help companies reposition themselves in new powerful, efficient and productive businesses. However, the effort should not only cover the technological side. 
Q2. What impact has AI had on cybersecurity?
A2. AI is playing an increasingly key role in the constant battle between attackers and defenders. While cybercriminals find new ways to prevent their #malware from being recognized as malicious by security Software, Machine Learning is suitable to pick out potential threats.

Q3. How is technology enabling AI growth?
A3. More and more powerful and flexible technologies are available on the market today. In order to successfully implement an AI project, it is essential that every company, in considering its goals and objectives, correctly qualifies the technology partner.
Q3Q4. Will AI reduce operational costs and how?
A4. Organizations adopting AI are transforming their business by enhancing their capabilities. Increasingly smart technologies make it possible by delegating repetitive tasks that humans used to do to AI. It is a chance for employees to embark on a new career. 
Q4Q5. Who leads AI initiatives in organisations, IT, or business functions?
A5. Neither! To ensure the success of any project, it is vital that organizations overcome the concept of silos to that of a systemic and interdependent network, founded on principles of continuous learning, continuous improvement and continuous innovation.
Q5 1Q6. How do you think AI is solving real-world problems?
A6. Thanks to AI algorithms many companies are able to relate business silos to exploit the potential of their customers' data, predicting their future needs and driving continuous improvements by creating key business benefits for both them and their customers.

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